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How does your ideal career look like? How about 10, 20, 30 years from now? At Cornerstone, we train all of our team members from bottom up to reach their greatest goals and potentials. Everyone has equal opportunities from intern to National Director based on willingness, capabilities and desires. If you are looking to generate your ideal income by focusing on doing things right, build a firm foundation, lead by example, make a positive impact in the society, unafraid of challenges, want a balanced personal and business life, this is what Cornerstone team is all about. Many successful persons became successful from the right initial opportunity. Without the first opportunity given, his or her entire life story would probably be very different. We dare to be world changers. We serve and hire like-minded people who appreciates our business model. Everlasting gratitude goes a long way. If you strive for these characteristics, contact us today!

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Doing things right from the start is not easy, yet crucial. Anyone who mentors others become his/her leader. Just like anything else, leaders come in various levels. Unless a person only wants to be at the very bottom and never want to grow, everyone is a leader one level or another. What makes a successful leader? You can find many different books or videos on defining a successful leader. As the CEO of Cornerstone entities and Global Transformation Investments, my definition of a leader is very simple. “You can only lead to the level you are able to deliver.” Another words, would people arrive on time to committed schedules if a leader himself/herself does not? Would people keep their words and promises if a leader does not? Would a leader be able to effectively communicate and relate to people if he/she does not fully understand the journey, process, encounters of that team member’s position? As a result, all persons who desire to join our team MUST be trained and mentored from the bottom up. Only then can we all identify our weaknesses, relate to others, understand each other, experience the same paths to become great leaders and world changers!

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Our entities focus heavily on building a FIRM FOUNDATION. What is a Firm Foundation? Many people and companies have their own definition and focus. At Cornerstone entities, Firm Foundation means same principles of standard, expectation, accountability, rewards and consequences. Everyone knows what it expected of them to reach a goal/target. There are no moving targets. The difference is that some people are better in a few areas of the Firm Foundation than others and vice versa. As a result, our entity model is to help our team members identify their frail areas and help them overcome so they can grow and reach their goals. This is the costliest and riskiest structure any company can undertake. We spend personal time to work on individual weaknesses instead of in large group settings only. Majority of speakers only prepare their messages on a large level, not very effective helping individuals get to their goals. Many times, there are several crucial steps an individual need to be guided in order to better receive the speaker’s message. Seminars without individual guidance doesn’t transform much because we’re at different stages of life. Where content may sound good and feel good, however, most people does not seem to benefit much in their production. If individuals do not see what is his/her hinderance, it would be very difficult to get over it. As a result, most companies would not elect to structure this way in fear of unlimited loss of investment in time and money from disloyal team members. At Cornerstone entities, we require a detailed application and interviewing process to ensure we are a good match for each other.

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