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Cornerstone Real Estate International provides Residential Selling, Purchase, Loans, Leasing and Property Management Services. We also specialize in international investor real estate transactions from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mexico, Jordan, etc. where culture and procedures may be very different comparing to the U.S.

We’ve performed over 2000 various real estate transactions and not one is exactly the same. Everyone has unique needs, preferences, dreams, timeline and goals. Most of our clients chose a product that is very different from their initial plan because most of them do not have a well-rounded professional knowledge in the real estate field. Market constantly changes and our firsthand information and skill serves to guide our clients to best capture the benefits best suited for them so they do not lose the opportunities.

Most real estate transactions have longer implications for years down the line and it takes a lot of time, understanding, knowledge, honesty and even family counseling to meet the goal. Our A to Z company model is to guide our clients to be best prepared for the dream and goals they want to accomplish by making the transaction as easy and smooth as possible.

We all have a busy life, as a result, our goal is to take on as many real estate fields as we can to lessen the tasks our clients need to do. Balancing knowledge, understanding, negotiation skills, relationship building, seeking the best benefits and protections of our clients are priceless business model we constantly strive for. We place ourselves in our clients shoes to provide them the best possible product and services. As a result, we have numerous very satisfied client testimonies on our “testimony” page. If you are looking for real estate services, contact us!

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Cornerstone Real Estate International

Our Process

Most of us like to have the best of everything in a house or property, however, we may get into trouble when we focus on what we like instead of our goals and budget first. We are mighty agents and team members who guide our clients to make sure to reach their goals are within the comfort level of their responsibilities. Yes, we are a crazy company who is not seeking to make the most commission but to help keep our clients in focus of their own set priorities as if we were in our client's own shoes. Most importantly, the counsel and guidance in every industry is the priceless aspect we can give to our clients because that takes a tremendous amount of selfless, individual attention, energy, task and action, to best assist our clients, and they trust that we will be compensated for our above and beyond character and culture.

Our Services

Each house and property is unique for different people and families at certain time of their lives. There is not much knowledge to look at homes and see which one we like. Most people like the same house because of the similar factors and what it has to offer, however, not everyone has the same goals and priorities in life to make it work for the house they best like. Some people are handy and a fixer upper house is best for them, others don't know if a "philip screw driver" is a + or - one and need a home with minim fixing requirements. It takes a caring agent to ask the right questions to make sure what is the best choice for our clients at their stage of life. This takes more energy, efforts and attention than just doing the "motions" of a standard real estate agent. This is where our services is priceless and above and beyond...putting our clients' best interest above ours. This is the reason why we do not accept all prospects who comes to us. The amount of attention we place on each of our clients is approximately 3-4X more than just doing the "motions" in real estate. As a result, we only take on clients who has the same mindset, team work mentality and appreciation for what we do.

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