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Cornerstone Investment consists of various ROI (return of investment) packages for our investors of various levels.

Whether you are a beginner at investments or multi-million-dollar investor, we have products for you! Our unique comprehensive underwriting guidelines provide higher protection for our investors compared in the similar marketplace.

Investment products includes and not limited to short term/long term investment, low/high dollar amount, conservative or high yield returns, security or non-security backed investments, etc.

If you are not sure which one is the best for you, we have educational videos for you.  Or we can set up a meeting to assist you.

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Cornerstone Real Estate International

Our Process

No matter what our age is, it is very important for all of us to get into a habit of saving and investing. A majority of people have less than 1 month of reserves in their savings and that is an extremely scary thing to hear. When we have emergencies, where are we going to get the funds? Statistics show that most people will borrow money from one place to patch another "financial hole". This is the cycle of "financial slavery" the entire world has been moving more and more towards. Our investment plans allow most people with a few hundred dollars (to a few million dollars) to invest—depending on their level of capacity. We have short term to long term investments as well as different ROI investment packages. All investments have some risk level, however, we screen our investment packages to a higher level than most in this industry to minimize the risk. If you are looking for the highest return, we may not be the right investment company for you. Our culture is to minimize the risk as the first priority and ROI as the second priority. We turn away the highest ROI because higher ROI also means higher risk. We will only take on packages to our own level of acceptable evaluation, and will turn away investment packages outside of our underwriting standards. As a result, our investment packages will not be the highest ROI out on the market. We focus more on minimizing the risk while generating a good ROI.

Our Services

We seek to understand each of our client's long term goals in order to best assist tailor investment packages. We understand life style and circumstances change, as a result, we ask series of questions to best present ideal investment packages for each clients that comes to us. We have annual consultation available with each client to see if there are changes in their financial needs to best continue to meet their goals. Investment is best realized as a long term continuous evaluation. For higher funds investors, we have special VIP projects from time to time and will present first opportunities to join in before we announce them to the public. We do not focus on quantity of investment opportunities, we focus on the quality. If there are no "qualified" investment packages according to our underwriting guidelines, we will rather not have any investing packages available to present to our investors. As a result, all of our investor packages are first come first serve basis per approved investor waiting list.

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