Cornerstone Funding

Cornerstone Private Funding consists of private funds for various lending purposes.

Our funding includes and not limited to residential loans, foreign national purchase loans, commercial loans, business loans, construction loans, bridge loans, refinancing loans, etc. We have our own underwriting criteria and requirements to qualify for various loans and terms.

If you have great ideas and innovations, but lack the business side of skill set, we have programs to train you to be a successful new business owner!

Our goal is to help you to be accountable and successful!

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Cornerstone Real Estate International

Our Process

There are basically 2 major categories of funding. The most common one is standard funding, where investors are seeking for minimize risk of borrowers to lend money while generating a stable lower interest as compensation. The lower the interest income is given to the investors, the greater the investor requirements are to ensure the borrower has lower risk to default. The second major type is the secondary market funding. This type of funding usually means that the borrower is not qualified to receive the first level of market funding due to certain factors or lack of factors, which means higher risk of default. The second market type of funding usually asks for higher interest rates to compensate the risk that the investors is taking. A major part of our process is to determine what type of funding each borrower is able to receive and at what type of terms.

Our Services

There are no right or wrong products for borrowers usually… it is the affordability and/or if the products will make sense in their current situation. We understand any new business may have the greatest difficulties with obtaining funding due to the lack of business financial history. As a result, we evaluate the financial situation of the borrowers and provide them our approved financial courses and instructors to strengthen their weaknesses in order to obtain our private funding. Once the borrower has successfully completed and passed all of the financial courses required by our private investors, we will allocate a certain amount of funding without the market standard requirements. This way, we don't turn away borrowers and leave them helpless. We provide them solutions and hope to make their dreams come true if they are willing to learn what they need to be financially responsible. For other borrowers who have a good history for standard loans, we have the traditional loan products that best tailor to their current needs. There are different options and ways available depending on the circumstances of each borrower. We provide the details of different options for our clients to make the best decisions.

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