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Cornerstone Commercial provides Commercial Selling, Purchase, Secured & Non-Secured Loans, Leasing, Property Management Services, building design, interior design and project development. Commercial is a broad real estate field that has a lot more “moving parts” than residential real estate. We provide comprehensive A-Z commercial services from assisting new/small business owners to prepare business plans, budgeting and team development to a new construction project building from the ground up.

Statistics show that most new/small businesses thrive & is successful from building the business correctly from the ground up. Lacking the right organization, counsel, mentorship and mindset has a significant impact on the success of the business.

As a result, we provide diverse types of commercial support to assist our clients to find a location to establish their business as well as continuous support packages that will allow them to work “on their business” and not “in their business”. We look forward to be a part of solution to help grow & expand your business to impact more people!

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Our Process

There are a lot of moving parts and work involved in commercial real estate. There may be special needs for a certain building or geography specific to an industry. In most cases, the success of past business history and production may be the determination of obtaining financial loans for the purchase of commercial buildings. As a result, choosing the right commercial agent is crucial to accomplish business clients needs. Depending on the type of commercial needs our clients have and their communication style, our executive managers will assign the commercial agents that best suit their needs. The more the clients share with us openly of what is important to them and their comfortable financial situation, the more we can provide the right products and services for them to achieve their goals. The greatest problems I have encountered are the lack of loyalty of commercial clients when they start to seek multiple commercial agents. When doing so, those commercial agents will also not give the needed individual attention to assist the clients. This goes both ways as everyone needs to have food and timelines to meet. Our first meeting for any new clients is to identify if both the new clients and our company's principle, core values, culture and process will best match mutually before we proceed in working together.

Our Services

Once all parties agree to move forward with our process, we will look into the things everyone need to do for the next steps. Our company culture is the desire to do the best we can for our clients. When the intention and heart is this direction, there is a lot of risks we take on when we chose invest our time to take on each client. Our attention and process does NOT allow us to take on as many clients as those agent out there. As a result, we need to also make sure that the clients we are investing our time and attention in also have a team work mentality to accomplish a win-win transaction. For savvy commercial clients, these are standard information and practice. For new commercial clients coming from residential real estate experience only, commercial side of things are very different than residential side. We have many clients that came back to us stating they should have listened to us. We don't tell our clients what they like to hear, we tell the truth and reality. Those clients who have experiences in commercial side of transaction understand exactly what we say and respect greatly what and how we do things. Others who are new to commercial transactions tend to take the residential side of expectations, which does not work well. Residential & commercial transactions are very different in many ways. We rather give the facts and truth up front and lose a client for telling the truth than to lose a client later on because of false expectations. Due to the tremendous amount of upfront work is required of us, we will require an exclusive commercial representation to move forward to our services in order for us to allocate our time to officially perform works needed to accomplish the goals of our clients.

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