Cornerstone Academy

Cornerstone Academy is a private faith-based school from pre-school to high school.

Our holistic school program is to teach, train, mentor children on character building to skill set for future careers they have the talent for. Our global online and local based training system allows families to relocate without disruption of education and at a healthy level their children is able to embrace. Our Cornerstone certificates provides employers desirable internship candidates to assist our children to have a bright future to do what they do best.

We also include parenting programs and tips to continuously promote a healthy parent-child relationship as well as additional fun & relationship mending packages to develop healthy families and various relationships.

Our goal is to develop amazing young leaders & heroes that will make a positive impact in the world!

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Cornerstone Academy

Our Process

Most parents we talked to have stated they wished there was a step-by-step "mom or dad" handbook. Cornerstone Academy's goal is to be that "step-by-step" mom & dad handbook at your own pace. Teachers and mentors can serve as great counselors to teach for a certain period of time. However, it is more important for the parents to be on the same page as what the teachers and mentors teach your children on a daily basis. Children gets very confused when they see contradicting teachings and actions during the first 10 years of their lives. What little things parents do to contradict their own saying and practices, guarantee that you are teaching your children to do the same. Arguments and relationship break out when children see adults not practicing what they preach, yet hold them accountable. We wonder why children are getting tougher to teach and communicate with today. Our process is to show moms and dads what little things on a daily basis need to do to help develop a healthy, joyful and successful child. In the meantime, we are also correcting what we should have learned when we were children. When we are humble to learn and correct our ways, we show our children to do the same. So let's all walk our talk, shall we?

Our Services

We believe deep down in each of our hearts, we want to do what is good and right. However, there are many things we see and encounter that prevents us from doing so. If we all keep thinking negatively, there is no point for us to try out new things courageously. Cornerstone Academy serves to take that step in faith courageously and boldly by doing what seems impossible and turn it into amazingly possible. No, we are not aliens with supernatural powers, but it is because of our faith and passion with proven track records of having impossibles turn into possibles that give us the positive attitude to invest into children and their future. Unless the parents do the same, it is insufficient for only our team and staff members to teach that. As a result, we will only take on parents who will partner with us for the sake of their own children to do the homework required of parents as we expect our children to also do their homework. We screen children as well as parents before we take on any applicants. Our methods and tips are extremely easy and fun. The only thing is the desire of parents to persevere to do their part as we expect all children to also do their part. This is the walking our talk to show our children so they are not stirred into anger with double standard. As adults, we need to lead by example and surround our children with these adults everywhere they are at so they learn the right character, ethics and skills while growing up.

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